Security systems are getting widely accepted among industries as part of their surveillance tightening. The management of surveillance videos is crucial in the CCTV security systems. You might have come across the terms DVR and NVR in association with the security systems. What are they really? Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Network video recorder (NVR) are two recording systems, what you use to view and manage the surveillance videos. Available with varied software and hard drive sizes, both the DVR and NVR allows the flexibility of reviewing the videos as well. They are the backbones of any surveillance systems. NVR is used to record the IP cameras whereas DVR is used to record the analog cameras and HDCVI cameras.

DVR is the most economical solution for those who have the security systems with the Analog cameras. DVR facilitates the user to convert the analog Video signal to digital this allowing for the remote monitoring and greater storage. DVR makes a lot of sense for those not yet ready to accept the IP surveillance system. Nevertheless, with the conversion to digital images or signals, DVR opens up the choice of viewing and managing the videos in a much-refined way.

CCTV Dubai brings you the best of analog surveillance systems with the DVR. We are skilled in offering security solutions for analog surveillance incorporating with the additional features of DVR in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman. Without moving to the IP surveillance, the users or organizations with the analog systems can avail the best video reviews with the CCTV DVR in Dubai.


Advantages of DVR

You can take your analog surveillance to the digital surveillance solution and this has turned to a cost effective solution to those who have the analog cameras.

It extends the advantages of:

  • Remote watching: In the earlier analog systems it was not possible to view the video footages remotely. By connecting analog cameras to DVR, you can monitor the videos in real time from computers or smartphones connected to internet.
  • Digital Storage: DVR gives you the power of storing signals in Digital format. It converts the analog signals to digital signals. With this it is possible to store more videos without any space issues.
  • Compression: To provide efficient storage, DVR employs various compression procedures. With these compression techniques it is possible to store more videos without affecting the video quality much.
  • Secure connectivity: Most of the DVRs are equipped with the password protection. With the secured connections unauthorized access to third party is restricted.
  • System management software: Some DVRs come with the management software to manage and view the videos in an active way.

DVR is also used to records the HDCVI cameras.

CCTV Dubai is an established CCTV security system provider in Dubai with the expertise in designing, implementing and deployment. Our experts takes pride in the work we have committed and the products we deliver. We welcome you to experience the trustworthy solutions from a dedicated provider. So feel free to contact us now.


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