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Reasons would be plenty for organizations to go for the CCTV surveillance. With the inception of security systems the users and the organizations seemed to have got the real meaning of surveillance in its broadest sense. The relentless surveillance ensures the business to keep track of the movements and activities in a much transparent way and helps to take prompt decisions and actions in the event of any unlawful happenings. The various benefits the CCTV security systems offers are countless, doubtless to say it facilitates the production and maintenance of a business in a secure manner.

Dahua is the global player in the field of security systems for the past several years. Security systems from Dahua ensures reliable protection from any security infringement at every level. The brand is well known for its security innovations and the integrations.


CCTV Dubai is very much excited to take advantage of Dahua security systems to power industries, business organizations, institutions etc… with the advanced surveillance cameras and recording systems. Engaged with the best practices, we develop and deploy surveillance system that touches every element of your security policy in detail with the Dahua systems. The portfolio of Dahua products we deal includes the IP cameras, Analog Cameras, NVR and DVR.

IP cameras:

IP cameras are best utilized for a multitude of applications including the outdoor and indoor surveillance. With its power and reliability and wider area coverage, it is certain that the IP cameras from Dahua is the best fit for your organization. It is designed to be adjusted with various image resolution settings. The high-end cameras having high megapixel, quality lens and other factors makes sure the events are clearly recorded and end users find no difficulty in identifying and watching the events. This fully featured Dahua IP cameras open doors to improvise the surveillance systems.

The features includes:

  • Dual stream encoding
  • Night Vision
  • Event trigger
  • Noise reduction feature
  • Different megapixel cameras
  • Multiple Network Monitoring (some models)

Analog cameras:

Analog cameras from Dahua can be utilized for many outdoor and indoor surveillance. These Dahua analog cameras are designed to be perfectly used for complex applications and the various features make this product a viable product for many industries.

It features

  • High resolution
  • Night Vision
  • Privacy masking
  • Picture adjustment
  • Support Noise reduction
  • Normal power consumption

Network Video Recorders

NVR records the videos from the IP cameras. NVR allows the users to view videos in both forms; real-time and recorded view. The management of the videos are controlled by the video management system. The features of Dahua NVR is as follows:

  • Support real live view
  • Dual Stream encoding
  • Preview and recording
  • Real time playback
  • Smart Search
  • Multiple network monitoring
  • Automatic IP Address acquisition
  • Web viewer

Digital Video Recorder

DVR or Digital Video recorder is paired with Analog cameras that convert the Analog signals to digital signals to store and manage the video. Dahua Digital Video Recorder is a perfect choice for the organizations who have still he Analog Surveillance systems. It allows the users to manage videos remotely. The Dahua DVRs comes in various categories and it includes Hybrid DVR, Premium DVR, Professional DVR, Entry and Home level DVR.

The features of Dahua includes

  • Real time live view
  • Dual stream encoding
  • Preview and recording
  • Multiple network monitoring
  • Support to Multi-brand cameras
  • Auto IP Address acquisition

The Dahua security systems have all the features to support the observations in a much sophisticated and cost effective way. With these systems, CCTV Dubai has the skill and expertise to offer you a scalable solution to your business environment. Apart from Dubai, we have an extensive service influence in the region of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman. Our ability to deploy the systems across the domains of educational institutions, corporates, and other sectors have earned us the best CCTV service provider in Dubai.

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