For many establishments,security is of primary concern. Now the business have understood that relying completely on security professionals couldn’t come up with the results they want, since the different business have different security policies. The result will be disastrous if the business is unable to protect the organizational assets with the existing protection system, be it tangible or intangible assets. In order to have across-the-board surveillance, most of the companies have started to take up the CCTV security in the environment. The recent rise of illegal activities and the theft has made most of the business to think about the security systems as a must have necessity.

The CCTV surveillance systems are evolving, the new systems are coming with the advanced features. The one piece of technology that is still gaining the attention in the security system is the IP camera. It gives the flexibility to connect to a home or business network easily and captures and stream the video to any devices you choose to view. It is evident that in the coming years the IP camera system will replace the conventional system. The job of capturing and saving the videos and images is an important part of the surveillance systemsCCTV-NVR-Dubai-UAE.

NVR (Network Video Recorder) systems with CCTV Dubai

Network Video Recorder do the recording part for IP cameras. As NVR is a component of the network, it needs to be configured with an IP address. Conversant in the domain over the years, CCTV Dubai offers a reliable solution in planning and installation of CCTV security systems with the IP cameras. In planning the IP surveillance we take into account several factors and it contains the resolution of video, video compression rate, Number of cameras and the frame rate per second. These factors delivers an impeccable quality to your video recordings.

What benefits can CCTV NVR deliver?

  • As the NVR lies in the IP network, it allows the users to have access to real-time video.
  • The management software in the NVR allows you to manage and view the system.
  • It offers strong functionality and other advantages
  • Video footages can be set to move automatically to a storage device at scheduled intervals.
  • Can alter the image compression and size
  • The distance to place the NVR from the camera is unlimited
  • Inexpensive
  • System is scalable so components can be added as needed.

It is crucial to select the right provider in Dubai to deploy the system over an IP network.

The reasons to choose CCTV Dubai for installing video systems:

Experience: We have years of experience in video system installation and integration. Build the solution after a thorough security view of your unique needs.

Excellent track record: We have a very good track record among clients in delivering a faultless systems.

Scalable: The video systems we configure can be scaled as and when needed.

By selecting us your provider, you have made the right decision to implement a video over IP network. And with the credibility and experience we can proclaim proudly that we are the best solution providers in delivering the class video solution with CCTV NVR Dubai.


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