Dahua HDCVI Camera

The security surveillance systems are fast adapting with the advance in technology. You will be confused, when it comes the discussion about the choice between the analog IP surveillance system and the analog system. Situations where analog systems are not perfect to deliver the quality images, obviously the choice would be to selecting the High Definition systems. IP cameras are capable of satisfying customer’s needs with high-quality images and videos.  But with the growing popularity of HDCVI technology, the people or organizations who are stuck only with the IP cameras have started to accept the HDCVI technology.

What makes HDCVI camera different from other cameras? Let’s have a basic understanding of the HDCVI. High Definition Composite interface or HDCVI is a technology in the security camera and it differs in the way it transmits the data. It makes use of the existing coaxial cables to transmit the data.

Dahua is the market leader in the providing innovative video surveillance systems. The company is specialized in the production of vivid surveillance cameras including the latest HDCVI cameras to the varied security applications. CCTV Dubai is committed to offering excellent CCTV installations across Dubai, UAE and other emirates with the HDCVI cameras to create a safe and comfortable environment. We offer CCTV installations, ranging from medium to complex systems to every business irrespective of their size. Dahua HDCVI cameras come in varied series with different models. It also comes with the versions of Bullet cameras, Dome cameras, Box Cameras, Eyeball camera and PTZ cameras.


Bullet cameras

Dahua HDCVI Bullet cameras are enriched with features that provide excellent picture quality and night vision. These cameras are proven to be reliable and are free from troubles. The bullet cameras provide the real, long distance and real-time transmission. It provides the control over coaxial cable. Bullet cameras are useful for the exterior and interior use.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras from Dahua can be best utilized for the indoor and outdoor applications and is reliable for the most demanding requirements. The Dome cameras provide the real, long distance and real-time transmission. It has the day and night feature with an IR cut filter (ICR) and this allows for much light sensitivity.

Box Cameras

The Dahua Box cameras are designed for the indoor use. The box cameras provide the real, long distance and real-time transmission. The excellent resolution feature produces the videos of high clarity. It has the day and night feature with the infra-red cut filter.

The other models of Dahua HDCVI camera include the eyeball camera and PTZ camera that offers the same features as that of the mentioned ones. The PTZ cameras consist of the HDCVI Mini, HDCVI ultra high-speed PTZ dome camera, HDCVI IR PTZ dome camera etc…

With years of experience in the verticals of CCTV installations in Dubai, CCTV Dubai is reckoned as the leader in providing solutions to industries, institutions, government agencies, health care etc…Our service is available in all the emirates including Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. The number of successful installations in the region of Dubai has earned us the best CCTV providers in UAE. The designing and installation is in par with the guidelines and as per your detailed requirements.  With the Dahua security systems, CCTV Dubai is able to deliver solutions to all kind of applications across industries or residence in Dubai. Dahua presents the recording systems as well which can be utilized to deploy a total CCTV security system in Dubai.