Samsung CCTV Analog Camera Dubai

If you have really decided for the CCTV surveillance systems, you are presented with so many choices. However, the real dilemma lies in, whether to go for the IP cameras or analog cameras. A confusion has been established in the industry that with the wide acceptance of IP surveillance systems the analog cameras were almost come to the dead state. In the truest sense the analog cameras are not dead, it is still alive. It is important to highlight that the analog cameras are still find its use for many surveillance applications across various industries. The video signals are being transmitted in analog format, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t employ the analog cameras in an IP-based surveillance system.

Samsung is the global leader in manufacturing and designing of CCTV surveillance products. With the state of the art features and functions, the analog surveillance system offer an innovative and compelling experience in a much-refined way. Samsung is devoted in the manufacturing of high performance and quality analog cameras that truly exceeds the industry expectations. The rich features make Samsung Hanwha Techwin products to go beyond the line of innate surveillance.

Samsung Analog Camera DubaiSamsung CCTV brings in a variety of high-resolution cameras to meet your surveillance needs. It comes in varied forms and the Hanwha Techwin presents the new ‘beyond series’ to the user to offer a complete analog solution. The highest image quality and resolution, brilliant backlight compensation and various user-friendly functions takes the observation to a new level.

The Samsung analog cameras can be classified into different levels and it is composed of Box and one body camera, IR camera, Dome camera, IR Dome camera, Vandal-Proof Dome Camera, Zoom Camera, PTZ cameras, PTZ Dome Cameras. The series of Analog cameras delivers the user with HD quality (1280H) total analog solution and some of the analog series allows the clients to upgrade the surveillance systems using the coax cabling as well. The cameras depending on the models render the features of Day/Night operation, defog, motion exposure and other high-quality features.

Box Cameras

Powered with Digital Signal processors, Hanwha Techwin box type cameras deliver industry leading performance and brilliant features across the product range.

Bullet Cameras

The different models of the bullet cameras from Samsung Techwin combine to offer the extensive range of features for almost all levels of security applications.

Fixed Domes

The most demanded cameras from the lineup of Samsung cameras are embedded with wide assortment of functions and features. It can be well used for the indoor applications and resisting the vandalism.

Vandal-Resistant Dome cameras

These camera types are perfect of wide range of applications. It has been featured with the latest technology from Samsung Techwin that provides a high-resolution images.

PTZ cameras

PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras are the perfect choice for applications that require the capability to adjust to the specific area of the environment. The cameras are designed to be adaptable to any type of environment.

Move along with the technology

CCTV Dubai has comprehensive experience in delivering a perfect CCTV surveillance systems across industries in Dubai. The service spans across all parts of UAE including the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman. We know a surveillance system is useful if it contributes a good surveillance and prevent the illicit happenings in and around the business activities. Understanding this, we embrace good practices and industrial guidelines to implement the best systems for you. With the Samsung Hanwha Techwin system we are always able to deliver the systems to be utilized for a faultless CCTV system in Dubai.

Let’s think on what’s best for you, we would be able to help you find a good solution for you.

Feel free to contact us CCTV Dubai is with you always to help you.

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