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Now these days the business and people are much concerned about their security. With the wide range of security systems available now, it became easier to choose and install the required surveillance systems to ensure the safety. IP surveillance system have become common now. In the networked video surveillance (IP surveillance system), the specific task of recording playing back video and analyzing the videos are done by the Network Video Recorder. It is a closed system in which the hardware and software come bundled.

Vivotek is a dedicated player in the realm of making CCTV surveillance products (IP surveillance products). The NVR from Vivotek is designed for any kind of IP surveillance for any application requirement. CCTV Dubai understands that IP surveillance is proving to be worthy in terms of operation cost and safety. With a comprehensive expertise in deploying the CCTV products across many industries in Dubai, we are reckoned as the right provider offering the surveillance solution with Vivotek products. Vivotek has various channel models in its NVR family and it includes 8 channel NVR, 16 channel NVR, 32 channel NVR and 64 Channel NVR.


8 Channel NVR:

This Vivotek 8 channel NVR is ideal for small and medium scale surveillance systems and is embedded with the Linux Operating system. It allows the connection with POE cameras and features with the plug and play one button auto setup functionality. It has the other features that include the storyboard event search, ONVIF Open Platform, Live view and playback, beautiful user interface and so on.

16 Channel NVR:

It has the same features as that of the 8 Channel NVR. But with the various I/O ports it offers the 16 Channel NVR offers a greater flexibility of applications. It is possible to have the mobile (android and IOS) and remote access with the iViewer. It is featured with plug and play one button auto setup (for some models), Storyboard event search, ONVIF Open platform, and supports up to 16 CCTV security cameras and so on. It provides the right angle view of videos with detailed information for the usage.

32 Channel NVR

This standalone Linux-embedded NVR is equipped to support 32 Channel IP cameras. Both the models of this series support the mobile and remote access through iViewer and EZ connect naming system respectively. IViewer helps to access the Android devices and Apple IOS.

64 Channel NVR

Vivotek 64 Chanel NVR is a fully featured Network Video Recorder used for the large-scale security applications. The storage capacity of this NCR with the additional features makes it perfect for the industrial purposes. The RAID configuration offers data security in an extended way. It’s featured with the added functionalities and it includes the storage support up to 48 TB, Live client playback, Fisheye Dewarp Support, Wide video search modes, Support HDMI, Display port, 64 Channel support and more.

A prominent trend in the shift of technology is evident in the city of Dubai. Likewise is the surveillance technology. The shifting from the analog to IP surveillance system has many benefits to the organization in terms of functionality and cost. Exploiting advances in the technology, all the aspects of the Surveillance systems like the monitoring, recording and analysis can be made available reliably to the needed customers. CCTV Dubai makes it possible in a sophisticated way to the clients in Dubai wherever and whenever needed. Our services are made available in other emirates as well and it includes Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman. The operations we perform are in line with the state of the technologies and as per the guidelines.

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