Vivotek IP cameras

The CCTV surveillance is not only for deterring the serious offenses, but also to keep a check on unrefined activities and to improve the environments as well. CCTV systems can be of worth in confronting crime in certain situations. As far as the business is concerned security is of an important concern, so the priority must be given in for implementing the right security surveillance for your business. Recent years have witnessed a revolution in the surveillance industry as well. The wide acceptance of IP surveillance system have preceded over the Analog market that resulted in the high growth of IP camera market.

Vivotek has been recognized as the leading brand in the production of CCTV surveillance systems. As the leading vendor the company is committed to deliver state of the art IP Cameras and the recording systems (NVR). CCTV Dubai is well versed in offering the surveillance solutions with Vivotek IP cameras to the various needs of customers in Dubai. The IP cameras from Vivotek comes in various designs and is capable to meet the outdoor and indoor surveillance. The camera is well known for capturing high quality and resolution images against different lighting conditions. Compared to other VGA cameras, it has the ability to capture a larger area thus reducing the number of to be installed cameras. It allows the users to enjoy a quality video streaming as well.


Vivotek carries different of its cameras and it includes the Box cameras, Bullet cameras, fixed dome cameras, panoramic fisheye cameras, PTZ cameras etc…

Box Cameras

Vivotek presents a wide range of box cameras that are designed to deliver high-quality videos. It employs the latest technology to get the highest picture clarity. It offers the unsurpassed vision even in the low lighting conditions as well by its latest night visibility feature. The Vivotek IP cameras offer more flexibility to the users and efficiency which gives the opportunity to identify each details of the image in the dark environments.

Bullet cameras

Vivotek bullet cameras are designed in line with the customers’ needs and are best suited for outdoor applications. The weatherproof casings can help the IP cameras to withstand tough conditions of weather such as rain and dust. By incorporating the day and night functionality, the camera can deliver a class performance in a solid design.

Fixed Dome cameras

The fixed dome cameras from Vivotek carries a lot of significant features including the capability of capturing the quality and clarity pictures, visibility under low light conditions etc…By using the software controls, the camera can achieve the good sharpness, depth of field and better usability.

Panoramic fisheye cameras

The panoramic fish-eye cameras can be well utilized for exclusive security environments. The camera allows the flexibility of comfortable viewing from different angles. It is ideal for the outdoor and indoor applications. It has the capability to capture both the light and darker areas of an image. Featured with the latest compression technology, it considerably reduce the file sizes while conserving the network bandwidth.

PTZ cameras

The Vivotek PTZ cameras offers superior quality images. The weatherproof body protects the camera from dust, rain corrosion and other conditions. These features makes it the camera a perfect choice to be used in all weather conditions. With the extensive pan tilt and zoom mechanism, the camera provides an accurate movement with 360-degree tilt. As like the other Day and night Vivotek cameras, the PTZ versions is equipped with IR-cut filter thus maintaining clarity images throughout. These features makes these cameras an excellent option for outdoor surveillance.

CCTV Dubai is exceptional in the delivery of successful security surveillance projects across Dubai with Vivotek IP cameras. The system we develop follows cutting-edge guidelines and principles thus offering a perfect security surveillance over your business. IP surveillance is on the rise and as such to choose the right provider who deals with good IP surveillance is a requisite. Whatever be your needs we are here to help you in every possible ways with the focused services in all parts of Dubai and other parts of emirates like Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman.

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